Cross-Picking String Crossing Exercise

Cross-Picking String Crossing Exercise

One of the stumbling blocks for most guitar players is string crossing: anytime you have to play on a higher string and cross over to a lower string, or the reverse, moving from a lower string to a string above. I’ve created an exercise that uses both of these string crossings. They’re doubles, or played twice to make sure you’re really working these motions. It moves around the fingerboard to keep it from becoming too monotonous, so I hope you enjoy it. I personally use this exercise every time I warm up. Here it is:

So get out your metronome, and start very slow. 60bpm is a good place to start. Then slowly increase you tempo by 5-10bpm. If you find you can’t keep it clean or keep up with the metronome, then you’re trying to play faster than your mind and body are ready for. Be patient, and slow down. Always strive for good tone, and timing. If you practice this every day you’ll notice that any time you have to cross strings it will get smoother and easier.

Here’s a nice easily printable PDF String Cross Exercise.

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