Basic Melody

This Ol’ boy……

This ol’ boy was traveling through the Ozarks with his rucksack and fiddle strapped across his back. As he stopped to catch his breath he looked across the expanse of forest and mountains. With a head full of fresh mountain air he sat down, pulled out his fiddle, tuned the strings, and composed this little […]

Your Ol’ buddy David Grier Plays Soldier’s Joy Part Three

This is the third part of a series of posts that are transcriptions of each of David Grier’s solos from this video posted on Fretboard Journal. If you didn’t see the first one, you can find it here.  This solo starts at about the 2:07 mark in the video. At this point he ramps it up to about 280 bpm! […]

What Next?

So far we’ve covered the forward roll, and the backward roll. If you haven’t learned them yet you can see the forward roll here, and the backward roll here. The next step is to start putting these patterns to use creating cross-picked arrangements of any tune that suits your fancy. It’s best to start with something simple, and then […]

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