The Fourth and Final David Grier Plays Soldier’s Joy Part 4

At this point in the video (2:36 to be exact) Grier is practically at string melting velocity. Yeehaw! He’s clocking somewhere from 308 to 320 bpm! As with anything that you’re trying to learn, always start very slow, and with a metronome. So here’s the fourth and final part of David Grier’s solos from this video posted […]

Your Ol’ buddy David Grier Plays Soldier’s Joy Part Three

This is the third part of a series of posts that are transcriptions of each of David Grier’s solos from this video posted on Fretboard Journal. If you didn’t see the first one, you can find it here.  This solo starts at about the 2:07 mark in the video. At this point he ramps it up to about 280 bpm! […]

Continuing the Cycle On the Not So Carter Carter Style

We’re continuing the cycle, by taking the Not So Carter, Carter Style arrangement and converting it to a cross-picking arrangement. The melody of this version is in the higher register, so we’ll be using the backward roll to cross-pick it. Let’s first look at the first four measures of the Carter style version: Now we’re going to apply the backward roll. […]

Putting The Backward Roll To Use

Hopefully the forward roll didn't prove to be too tough. The next example uses the backward roll to play the same melody. What you’ll find changes, depending on the type of roll or picking pattern that you are using, is the placement of the melody. Keep in mind, when we are using the forward roll [...]

Backward Roll

Now that we have a handle on the forward roll, the next step is to learn the backward roll. This one is done the same way as the forward roll, but done in reverse, or backward. When performing this roll we would start on the highest string, and work backward in a descending order, meaning highest [...]

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